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There’s a Hurricane A-comin’!!!

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Atlantic City with the girls for Memorial Day Weekend

4 Hurricanes and a beer.

hurricane in hand.

Who are they talking about?

Souzai for sushi & sake! say that 3 times fast..

40/40 on Saturday. but only because she is so convincing.

i love these girls.
and not just because they put up with my obnoxiousness ūüôā


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June 4, 2010 at 6:00 pm

i hate myself the next morning. but still…

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Happy New Year everyone!!!

I rang in the new year in Philly with my Sweetie. ¬†The night was “interesting”. Let’s just say that there is nothing worse then being hungover at your boyfriend’s parents’ home while still trying to maintain a respectable reputation. It was bad. ¬†And I’ll leave it at that.

So this is the time of the year for New Year Resolutions. Mine is to get back in shape. I’ve never really been serious about setting a new year resolution so it will be interesting to see how far I can take it. ¬†I’m gonna refrain from setting lofty goals for now, but I think that it would be ok to consider this my “day 1“.

Day 1:
My coworker and I made it to the gym. ¬†Wow–I was really intimidated when walking into that place!! Some of the women there looked FABULOUS. ¬†And here I was in my dingy, over-sized Race for the Cure tee and ¬†unflattering Gap lycra pants. ¬†After a few minutes, we decided that our best bet was to start with a class. We chose spinning! ¬†We certainly didn’t go into the class expecting it to be a walk in the park. And it wasn’t. ¬†We both made it through the grueling 60 minutes of pyramids, sprints, and whatever -the-heck else the instructor referenced when yelling at us. ¬†We decided that it would be smart for us to not push ourselves any further, so we called it a night after the class ended. ¬† We’ll see how we’re both feeling tomorrow and will choose our next routine accordingly.

Oh yeah: ¬†My boyfriend also took me to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. ¬†Yay!! ¬†It actually made me realize that my taste in art is pretty boring. ¬† I was actually more interested in the artifacts on display. I’m still working on the whole camera thing but here’s an Iphone pic to share with you:

Pablo Picasso: Still Life with a Pipe, a Violin, and a Bottle of Bass (1914)

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January 4, 2010 at 11:18 pm

Hip hip hooray for Turkey Day!!!

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ahhh, thanksgiving! ¬†what’s not to love about family, food, and festivities?!

as much as i love to eat, i surprisingly have a habit of avoiding the kitchen. ¬†i’m trying to overcome this tiny predicament and have started to experiment a bit more with new (to me) dishes. so, of course, thanksgiving seemed like the perfect time to step up and try my hand at making a contribution to our meal. ¬†the challenge: potato salad.

i started with boiling the eggs. pretty easy….

While the eggs boiled, i got to work peeling & dicing the potatoes. my mother got on me for having poor technique but i didn’t care.

After the eggs cooled down, i mixed everything up, adding the mayo, celery, onions and all of the other necessary seasonings.  and voila!  it was pretty delicious, i must say!!!

The potato salad was only one very tiny part of the scrumptious thanksgiving day spread. Additional credit must be given to my sister and especially to my Mother for the remainder of the dishes.

stuffing courtesy of my sister.

Homemade rolls-my ABSOLUTE favorite!!!!

of course this day wouldn’t be complete with the TURKEY!!!

Everything turned out perfectly.  It was a small turnout with just my parents, my sister, my sweetie, and me.  Even so, my mother took no shortcuts.

Here is a shot of more of the spread.

My meal was perfect!  I ended the night with a slice of cheesecake-courtesy of my Sweetie!!

After visiting some family following the meal, i was pretty much knocked out for the rest of the night. ¬†a good meal doesn’t end any better than that!

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November 29, 2009 at 11:23 pm

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and so the holidays begin…

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so the holiday season is officially upon us. i’m usually pretty low key about the festivities, but this year i decided to try and start the season off right.

the holiday was officially kicked off by attending the annual Light Up Night celebration held on November 20, 2009 in Downtown Pittsburgh.

My favorite display during this time of year has always been The Spirit of Giving Around the World exhibit located in the PPG Wintergarden. ¬† The exhibit displays “Santas” which represent the holiday traditions from around the globe. ¬† I tried to snap a couple of shots with my iphone so that i could share them. please don’t be insulted by the poor quality of the shots–a new camera is on my christmas list…

The American Santa Claus. Ho, ho, ho!!!

A Haitian woman carrying a baby and a basket of gifts of fruit and tropical delicacies. These gifts are presented at a local festival

The Middle East is represented by the ancient king or Holy Man bearing gifts

there are plenty more “Santas” to see in the Wintergarden. ¬† just make sure that you get there by January 7…

We moved on from PPG Place and headed up to the Omni WIlliam Penn Hotel for their annual Light Up Night celebration. ¬†My family is invited to this event every year, but i personally hadn’t attended for the past 3-4 years.

there was plenty to drink and tasty hors d’oeuvres to munch on.

Conversations were highly animated, to say the least.

After a few words from some of the ¬†Pittsburgh Steelers (don’t ask me who), the Christmas tree was officially lit!

We ended up leaving shortly after the tree was lit because a few of us (me in particular) needed to walk off all of the wine and champagne that had been consumed. It was a great time and we’ll definitely be back next year!

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November 29, 2009 at 9:56 pm