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Wedding Day Hair Dilemma

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So I went to visit my future in-laws over the weekend and I’m still rocking the little TWA (this is not their 1st time seeing it). It has noticeably grown since the last visit and my future mother-in-law seemed to like it last time.  


During this visit, she made a comment that really struck a cord with me…After talking about how much it has grown, she more or less indicated that I “had better straighten it before the [June 2012] wedding”. She then backtracked and said that it was still cute the way it currently is though. I’m assuming that I must have had a funny look on my face after her initial comment which is why she tried to soften the blow… 


I know that she didn’t mean any harm at all, but her comment hit home.   I’ve been debating what to do with my hair for our wedding day even before her remarks – here are a few of  my “pros/cons”:


-While I love the freedom of my TWA, I also love how I looked with my short little (flat-ironed) pixie & the pixie is still my favorite style

-When I first stopped flat-ironing, I was rocking a tapered TWA and loved that style but I don’t want to cut my hair that short again until i’m 100% certain of the style that I plan to wear for the big day

-That being said, I don’t know if I’m going to love my TWA with an additional 7 months of growth. 

-It would be great to not have to worry about humidity or getting sweaty while dancing all night 

-I’m not loving the head pieces (veils) that I see online for pixie cuts

-I also have very limited examples of head pieces to help me visualize what I’d wear on my head with a TWA


Some examples of me with straightened and natural for comparison:




Decisions, decisions…


Do you all see anything wrong with going back to the straightened ‘do temporarily for the big day? Have any of you or your family/friends faced this “great debate” and what did you/they decide to do?  Will I regret it one way or the other?


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December 1, 2011 at 1:14 pm

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